Science Jazz Hands

A night of interactive science comedy – in partnership with Atlanta Science Festival
Tuesday, Mar 23rd at 8PM

Tune in to catch scientists getting your attention, not with jazz hands, but with comedic bits about their research. After the comedy sets, we’ll all have the chance to dig deeper into the science with interactive Q & A and games!

A small group of scientists (about 8-10) will be trained on good communication and on basic comedy. They will be tasked with creating a “funny science elevator speech” (about 3 min). 

The cohort will be trained by Dr. Lew Lefton and Dr. Pete Ludovice – official doctors of philosophy AND unofficial doctors of science comedy.

*Pricing*: minimum donation of $1
50% of proceeds go to Sci4Ga communication training
50% of proceeds go to a Inclusivity/Diversity in Science charity to be chosen by the elevator speech cohort

Updated on January 17, 2021

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